Balboa Island Yacht Club

BIYC began in 1922 – it is the second oldest yacht club in Newport Harbor and the only yacht club run by kids and the only club that offers a range of water sports in addition to sailing.  The goal of BIYC is to encourage youngsters to learn water skills, practice good sportsmanship and develop faithful attendance…. and to have a lot of fun while making lifelong friends.

BIYC has a long and happy history and generations of “kids” have returned – with joy – to watch their own children take part.  Each year, the Club is managed by the Commodore, officers and staff. The activities and spirit of the Club have remained amazingly unchanged for nine decades.  Dues are minimal – currently $100 per year.

Members compete with others in their age and gender groups. Paddleboard races are held on Mondays. Swimming and Diving (and just recently Stand-Up Paddle) are held on Tuesdays. Rowing races are held on Wednesdays.  The Club provides paddleboards and rowboats. The officers time the races.

Sailing races are held on Monday afternoons. The Club does not provide sail boats – this is the only activity that requires participates to bring their own boat.

Weekly meetings are held on Thursday evenings and ribbons are awarded to the top three contenders in each of the weekly competitions. The BIYC season culminates with the Awards Banquet where trophies are presented based on points accumulated throughout the summer. Additional BIYC activities include the Round-the-Island Row, Sandcastle Contest, Tea Party and various Unofficial Events hosted or spearheaded by BIYC families.

BIYC looms prominently in the memories of the many members who have participated through the years….. There is something magical about the sun and the warmth and the wonderful times spent on that small patch of sand between Turquoise and Topaz on the South Bay Front of Balboa Island…. To a small subset of the world’s population, this spot evokes fond recollections of a wide range of life’s most precious experiences.

The Balboa Island Museum is the proud institutional partner of the BIYC Perpetual Trophies. We hope you can visit our site to see these priceless heirloom awards in person with our display.

Balboa Island Yacht Club