Balboa Island Homes

This 1947 plaque is on our historic house museum.

Historic Home Plaque Program

We have a walking tour brochure of our historic homes. Use our 2015 Historic Homes Tour Map to see the various years of construction.

If your Balboa Island house is 60+ years old (built prior to 1957), your home qualifies to be recognized as a historic home. You can order and display a plaque for $250 which included a $50 Crystal membership. The bronze plaque is engraved with the words “Balboa Island Historical Society” and the date that the house was built. Please note that this plaque designates year of construction only and does not place any restriction on property. There are currently 145 plaque holders on Balboa Island.

To request a Historical Home Plaque please download and complete the following program form:

2017 Plaque Program

For more information, contact Director (949) 675-3952 or

Become a History Detective

Photos of Homes and Businesses

We have photographed and cataloged the 1533 houses and business on the island. Please view the album here or search the accession number “2014.39” in our archive to see the entire collection.