Legacy Project

The Balboa Island Museum and Historical Society is dedicated to capturing the stories of its founders and current leaders. We have collaborated with local filmographers to preserve these memories.

Wing Lam and Mr. & Mrs. Lee – John Wayne Story

Wing Lam and Mr. & Mrs. Lee – Balboa Island Museum

An interview with Museum President Shirley Pepys

An interview with Bill Stewart showcasing his exhibit, “Arts of the Ancient Mariner”

In January 2014, graduate students Jennifer Keil (M.A. in Oral and Public History) and Cindy Keil (M.A. in English) instituted the “Over the Bridge” Oral History Project with project coordinator Tina Wayt. This project has been featured in the museum’s newsletter and on social media. Our Mike & Hall Smith Jr. video has had over 1.8k views. The Seymour Beek video has had over 1.6k views. The Wing Lam and Mr. & Mrs. Lee story about John Wayne has provided over 1.4k views. Museum staff and interns have been interviewing these long-term residents and integral leaders of this community. Our goal is to complete 100 interviews with our longtime residents.

Please contact the current project coordinator, Holly Whalls at director@balboaislandmuseum.org, if you’d like to participate in this ongoing project. The following videos are media links to the interviews.

OH 001_Alice Dear – 00:19:40

OH 002_Peggy Marotta – 00:10:19

OH 003_Joyce Harris – 00:19:54

OH 004_Marion Walters—00:25:20

OH 005_Bill Maxwell—00:22:31 (not available)

OH 006_Pam Phillips— 00:33:59

OH 007_Bob Gilmartin—00:24:52

OH 008_Maxwell Phillps—00:26:59

OH 009_Ralph Rodheim—00:27:44

OH 010_Marcia Working— 00:36:23

OH 011_Patti Culpepper—00:48:27

OH 012_Randy Seton— 00:38:30

OH 013_Hanne Parks—00:29:48

OH 014_Bill Crawford—00:29:03

OH 015_Don Cook—00:37:04

OH 016_Ed Hubbard—00:23:37

OH 017_Leonard South—00:24:08

OH 018_Marcy Cook—00:28:17

OH 019_Mary Hardesty-Clayton—00:28:05

OH 020_Thomas Mellon—00:26:09

OH 021_John and Mona Swain—00:35:29

OH 022_Jay and Anne Greer—00:40:39

OH 023_Dan Stringer—00:14:12

OH 024_Richard Higbie—00:45:06

OH 025_Jack and Joan Northrup—00:37:24

OH 026_Brent and Peggy Ogden—01:03:01

OH 027_Ray Lowy – 00:15:23

OH 028_Susan Webster—00:26:48

OH 029_Barry Meguiar—00:42:42

OH 030_Mike Smith—00:22:55

OH 031_Bill Stewart—01:30:59

OH 031.2 Bill Stewart — 00:36:57

OH 031.3 Bill Stewart Rescue of the USS Potomac from


OH 032_Rolly Pulaski—00:46:35

OH 033_Wing Lam, Mr. & Mrs. Lee—00:36:33

OH 033.2 Wing Lam, Mr & Mr.s Lee— 00:22:40

OH 033.3 Wing Lam and Mr & Mrs Lee’s John Wayne Story – 00:04:08

OH 033.4 Wing Lam and Mr. & Mrs. Lee about the Museum – 00:01:16

OH 034_Ellis Morcos—00:46:17

OH 035_Mayor Diane Dixon—00:36:27

OH 036 Al Shonk— 00:29:29

OH 037 Lynn Newton— 01:08:32

OH 037.1 The Island Kangaroo— 00:09:00

OH 038 Tom & Cindy Houston— 00:48:00

OH 039 Shirley Pepys— 00:42:25

OH 040 Dave Kunst & Jenni Samuel— 01:15:52

OH 041 Captain Bert Minshall–00:42:30

OH 042 Hank Moreno— 00:30:40

OH 043 Bruce Knott– currently being edited

OH 044 Mike & Hal Smith Jr.—00:06:01

OH 045 Seymour Beek—00:07:56

We hope you enjoy these edited highlight reels from the footage. These are key themes identified within the larger collection of interviews.

“Over the Bridge” Legacy Project

The Island Kangaroo

“Over the Bridge” Oral History Project

Celebrity Encounters

Jolly Roger Memories

Holiday Memories