Balboa Island Ferry

Joseph Allan Beek, while still a student at Pasadena City College, was enchanted with the area, and became one of Collins’ salesmen. Joe Beek played a crucial role in the development of Balboa Island, and spent a lifetime devoted to it. In 1919, Joe got the first contract for a ferry between the Island and Balboa Peninsula. In 1920, the first car was pushed across the bay (for 10 cents). In 1922, Joe Beek got a 15-year franchise, using the ferry boat “Joker”, which could hold two cars. That franchise has continued to this day, with three 64 ft (20 m) boats, named “Admiral,” “Captain,” and “Commodore,” that can each carry three vehicles. Beek later became Secretary of the California State Senate, where he served until his death in 1968.