Speaker Series Seymour & Allan Beek

Inaugural Speaker Series a Big Success – Seymour & Allan Beek

Balboa Island – Seymour Beek and Allan Beek, brothers, were our featured speakers and entertained us with long time resident Conrad Baumgartner as moderator. The Museum patio was filled to capacity with 80 guests listening to the stories of early days on Balboa Island and a glimpse of what life was like with their family 70 plus years ago, and how Joseph Beek went to work for W.S. Collins selling lots for as little as $50.00.

We heard many stories of World War II and the perceived threat of Japanese invasion. Hearing about Joe and
Carroll Beek, the parents of our speakers, and the development of our Island today, made us appreciate all that
transpired to have this lovely place to live. The audience interacted with questions and some of their early

Did you know that the first of what is known as the Balboa Island Ferry franchised by Joseph Beek was a

Our first event was a big success. Wine and desserts were served and the guests enjoyed talking to their neighbor sand meeting new ones. Shirley Pepys, Sharon Lambert, President, and Bob Lambert greeted the guests including the Beek family, Jean, Linda, and niece Cathy White.

Also in attendance were Bobbie Daniel, Barbara Baumgartner, Terry Lakenan, great granddaughter of W.S.
Collins, Dan and Nancy Stringer and Steve and Ronnie Bromberg. “Many of the guests were seeing the
Museum for the first time, which was a surprise even to me,” according to Shirley Pepys. However, it is also a
reason to host more of these events. I think everyone was impressed that our community has a place to keep our history and heritage alive.

We invite you to visit and as we like to say, “Meet me at the Museum!”

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