Members & Donors 2018*

MEMBERS & DONORS 2018* as of March 2018. Please call 949.675.3952 with any corrections or if you do not see your name listed.


Abrams, Don and Gwenn

Northrup, Jack and Joan

Pepys, Shirley

PLATINUM – $25,000

Abrams, Don and Gwenn

Northrup, Jack and Joan

Pepys, Shirley

The City of Newport Beach

DIAMOND – $5,000

Veterans History Project

Gehl, Jeff

RUBY – $1,000

Brookes, Diana Sammis

Cassell, Ron and Carole

City Councilman Jeff Herdman

Davis, Sandra

Davis, Henry

Meguiar, Barry and Karen


Collins, David and Victoria

Cooper, Will and Kay

Curci, Janet

DeWitt, Bill and Mary

Holmes, Cyndi

LaSpada, Kim and Ken

TOPAZ – $250

Cheney, Robert and Marjorie

Cholakian, Robert and Sharen

Hershey Finley, Anton and Susan

In Memory of Jody Upham Billings and Alex Koyuomji

Neimeister, Steve

Ng, Ellen and Dominic

Pembroke, Barton and Heather

Seely, Hall and Melinda

Smith, Michael and Lorrie

Von Kleinsmid-Randolph, Marilyn

Watkins, Nancy

PEARL – $100

Adams, Jill

Baker, Cheryl and Bob

Baker, Miriam and Arthur

Baugh, Patricia

Beek, David
Island Marine Fuel

Beek, Seymour

Benner, Jan and John

Birdsong, Jackie

Bowers, Don and Pam

Brandow, Peter

Bress, Dennis Jr. and Summer

Brown, Bruce and Judith

Brown, Maggie and Scott

Bue, Randy and Jerry

Carmichael, Beverly and Dave

Childs, Bob and Bev

Cooper, Beth and Ted

Davies, John and Sharon

Davis, Jane

De Frenza, Victoria and John

Crocker’s Abundant Table

Demler, David and Sharman

Devine, Barbara

Dobbins, Brian and Susan

Gardner, Artyn and Max

Gonzalez, Rebecca

Goodman-Beal, Michael and Ellen

Gouvion, Wayne and Nancy

Grant, Jim and Joanne

Grime, Irma

Hall, Mary and Ed

Harris, Marilyn

Hayes, Caryl and Donna

Hochadel, Nancy and Jack

Holden, Greg and Ann

Jacobson Family Properties, LP

Janssen, Terry and Patti

Jennings, Jim Jr.

Jones, Sug and George

Kallestad, Larry and Pam

Kensey, John and Linda

Landis, Sally

Larson, Al and Sonny

Lobl, Catheryne and Rick

Mays, Richard and Susan

McClellan, Pat and Jerry

McNeill, Anne

Moloney, Jim and Erin

Muney, Alan and Karen

Osborn, Bob and Janet

Owens-Rogers, Sharron

Padova, Jim and Marilyn

Peets, Diane and Terry

Peterson, Don

Philips, Maxwell and Pam

Piani, Frank and Ann

Pirkle, Jackie and Hubert

Power, John and Mary Ann

Pruitt, Shirley and Norman

Rountree, Danna

Sachs, Robert and Joan

Saliba, Tom and Betty

Semer-Wiechmann, Lynn and Bill

Sibley, Sue and Scott

Spragins, Gigi and Sam

Svendsen, Kenneth and Robin

Swain, John and Mona

Trainor, Ed and Shelly

Tucker, Jim and Katie

Watson, Mary

Wayt, Bill and Tina

Witt, Basil and Judi

Woodley, Carol

Woods, Cam, Suzanne and Family


Anderson, Eric and Ellen

Arnold, Larry and Heather

Avanzino, Bohnie and Peter

Banker, John and Sandy

Barraca-Howard, Lynda and Walter

Baumgartner, Conrad and Barbara

Bergenfeld, Joe and Helen

Biggs, Barb and Reggie Dickens

Brownell, Doug and Alice

Burns, Karen and Kristy Michel

Burton, Janice and Pete Oreskovich

Butcher, Jeff and Christy

Cohoe, Bruce and Karen

Ctvrtlik, Cosy and Bob

DiBari, Donna

Fellinge, Lee and Audrey

Franzen, Christine

Girling, Dave
Girling Real Estate Investment Group

Gold, Dan and Vicki

Hagemeyer, Bill and Pat

Heck, Jo Ellen

Henle, Christy and Tom

Hillman, Karen

Houston, Tom and Cindy

Howard, Pam and Mike

Howald, Walt and Karen

Hubert, Robert

Kelly, Hope

Knapp, Bruce

Larsen, Gaylord and Muriel

Lee, Jan and Robert

Lehman, Charles and Patricia

Long, Bill and Diane

Lovenduski, Michele and Bob DiNunzio

Mariscal, Dan

Martin, Peter

McCarthy, Terry

McGinley, Ted

Meylan, Lou and Carole

Newport Harbor Area Alumnae Panhellenic

Nielsen, Barbara

Nord, Bob and Margaret

O’Neil, Ann and Barry

Parks, Kathy

Pestor, Randy and JoAnne

Peters, Ben and Adele

Pugh, Gary and Diane

Rohrer, Ron and Bonnie

Root, Laura

Ruffell, Dave

Runner, Dan and Jane

Sands, Buzzard IV

Scott, William

Selson, John and Karen

Smith, Helen

Sparrer, Chuck and Jan

Steele, Tim and Jan

Stillwell, Tom

Stipe, Dave and Joan

Sutherland, Hollie

Veden, Vicki

Waite, Frank and Janis

Walters, Ron and Marion

Weinstein, Charles and Ann Marie

Wurner, Hart and Anke