Veterans History Project

The Veteran’s Project is an effort to document and recognize all Veterans from Balboa Island or who are connected to the Island. Headed by William Stewart, our Curator of Veteran’s history, we are attempting to collection as much information as possible about the military veterans from our community. If you would like to share your veteran’s history with us, please call the museum at (949) 675-3952 or William Stewart as (949) 673-3588.

We have held several veterans events since this project began. To see photographs from these events, please click on the link below the list of veterans.

Below are a list of all the current Veterans who have giving information to the project. Their military history information will be available soon.

Ainslie, Thomas

Allan, David

Birnie, William

Blackband, Greg

Bonin, Pete John

Bowen, Stephen

Bress Sr., Dennis

Carmack, George N.

Chiappone, Vincent

Cloer, Walter

Cunningham, John Paul

Deane, James Freeman

Girling, Bing

Higbie, Richard Alden

Hoofe, William

Howard, Walter

Hubbard, Edgar

Jones, George

Jostin, bob

Kirst, James

Kosky, Charle

Larson, Al

Longnecker, Joseph M.

Lundy, Terry

MacDonald, William

Markow, Joseph Werner

Miller, Daniel Thaddeu

Mosier, Robert

Northrup, Jack

Peets, Terry

Popplewell, Thoams Richard

Rivett, Richard

Rogers, Robert Grady

Sarchet, Jeremy

Shepherd, Thomas

Sibley, Scott

Steele, Charles Tim

Taylor, Eleanor F.


Tuohey, Matt

VanCleve, Charles

Wick, Donald Ray

Wise, Donald

Wurfl, John

Wurner, Walter Hart

Zinone, Addie